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Dear Tournament Coordinator,

Thank you for inquiring to have Lakeview Golf Club host your next golf outing. We look forward to hosting you event and will make every effort possible to make your event a truly special occasion. Enclosed, please find documentation that reflects outing guidelines and contractual form. To secure a date for your outing, a completed application must be returned via fax, mail, electronic mail or in person via the contact information provided. Once receiving the completed application a confirmation phone call will be placed within 48 hours of receipt to review event information and service requests.

Our staff is equipped to provide you with a wonderful tournament experience utilizing customized score cards, golf car signs, and scoreboards, powered by Event-Man tournament software, to fit all your golf event needs. Lakeview can also provide food and beverage catering, tournament prizes along with many other services. Please look to us in providing many different ways in which your tournament can be enhanced.

Yours Sincerely,
Mike Gooden, PGA
Head Professional

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Outings Rules & Guidelines


  • A deposit is required to confirm an outing date and start times on the Club calendar. Dates are reserved on a first come basis and will not be held until a completed application form has been returned. Deposits are required 60 days before the date of the event. Deposits not received by the before mentioned date may be subject to review and or cancellation if necessary. The deposit will become refundable if the outing is canceled in writing 60 days prior to the event start date. Tournaments may cancel 60 days prior to the event with no penalty. Inside the deadline will incur a 50% expected number of participants’ fee.


  • Golf cart rental is required for all tournaments, and is included in the package price. LVGC will make every effort possible to provide extra golf cars for your sponsors and volunteers needs. Notice and head counts for extra golf cars must be provided 14 days prior the event start date and cannot be guaranteed unless a set rental price of $50 per golf car has been agreed upon. All operators must have a valid operator’s license. The tournament will be held liable for any damage that occurs to the golf cars during tournament use and must be paid within 60 days after close of event.


  • Golf Package pricing is deemed official 7 days prior to the event start date. The contracted number of participants can be adjusted before that date at an agreed upon level. Outings are subject to double booking on the same golf course with another event.


  • A guaranteed food and beverage count is required 7 days in advance of the event to ensure proper food ordering.
  • Any items rented or purchased on behalf of the event, will be passed on to the event.
  • Due to ABC regulations, alcohol purchased anywhere other than Lakeview Golf Club, is not permitted on the property.
  • Personal coolers may not be brought on to the facility.


  • Proper attire must be worn at all times on Club property. Bathing attire, gym shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, tube tops, halter-tops, mesh shorts, cut-offs, short shirts, tennis outfits, and other similar dress are inappropriate. Men’s shirts must be collared, unless inclement weather warrants other seasonal attire. Any member or guest who is not attired properly may be restricted from the Club and not permitted on the course.
  • Lakeview requires soft spikes or other similar golf shoes, but does not permit metal spiked/cleated shoes on the course.
  • Photographs of the golf course, the club logo, or copyrighted Lakeview materials cannot be used in promotional materials unless approved by the Head Professional.
  • Decorations, signage, and promotional materials displayed at Lakeview must be approved by the Head Professional.
  • The applicant organization agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Lakeview Golf Club and any staff or employees from liability arising from the negligence of the outing and its participants or guests.
  • Tax exempt organizations must supply approved documentation by the State of Virginia Department of Revenue Services at least two weeks prior to the event in order for tax to be withheld from billing.
  • Lakeview Golf Club is not responsible for the damages or loss of any items left on Club property after the event has ended. Items and materials must be removed from the Club before 8:00 AM the day following the event. Lakeview is not liable for the security of these items.
  • All other club policies must be adhered. 5-somes are not allowed unless pre-approved by the Head Professional.


  • Payment for services must be made at the close of the event. A term of Net 30 days may be arranged by the respective party and Head Professional. This agreement for invoiced payments must be made before event start.


  • If play is unable to resume due to the continued threat of lightning or golf course closure, Lakeview Golf Club management will meet with the event coordinator to reach a mutually agreeable decision regarding the event. If available, a rain date may be scheduled. Refunds/Rain checks may be issued depending on the number of holes completed
  • There are no provisions for delaying food and beverage services that have been contracted. The applicant organization will be responsible for all food and beverage expenses contractually made. Cancellations the day of play may only be made if the golf course is closed by the Head Professional and/or Course Turf Manager.

Golf Outings - Price Guide

1 Monday-Thursday 24-47 $37 + tax
2 Friday-Sunday 24-47 $42 + tax
3 Monday-Thursday 48-71 $36 + tax
4 Friday-Sunday 48-71 $41 + tax
5 Monday-Thursday 72-99 $35 + tax
6 Friday-Sunday 72-99 $40 + tax
7 Monday-Thursday 100-149 $34 + tax
8 Friday-Sunday 100-149 $39 + tax
9 Monday-Thursday 150-199 $33 + tax
10 Friday-Sunday 150-199 $38 + tax
11 Monday-Thursday 200+ $32 + tax
12 Friday-Sunday 200+ $37 + tax

Golf Outings Catering Menu

Menu 1 – $7.79

Pork BBQ Menu – Pulled Pork BBQ (7 oz) with Buns

Sides: Choose Two ☐ Cole Slaw,☐ Potato Salad,☐ Baked Beans Add Cookies for $1.00

Tea & Lemonade Included


Menu 2 – $7.99

  • Boxed Lunch
  • Roasted Turkey on Croissant
  • Bag of Chips
  • Fruit
  • Cookie
  • Bottle Water


Menu 3 – $9.49

Double Entree

Entrees: Choose Two

☐ Pit Cooked Pork BBQ

☐ Southwest Grilled Chicken Breast

☐ Juniper marinated Chicken Breast

☐ Brunswick Stew

☐ Whiskey Barbecue Wings

☐ Roast Beef Brisket with Gravy (add $2.99)

☐ Texas Style Beef Brisket (add $2.99)

☐ Roasted Vegetable Lasagna (add $2.49)

☐ Spinach and Cheese Penne Pasta (add $1.99)

☐ Baby back Ribs (add $2.99)

☐ Smoked Turkey (add $2.49)

Sides: Choose Two

☐ Cole Slaw

☐ New Potato Salad

☐ Baked Beans

☐ Green Beans and Ham

☐ Red Skin Mashed Potatoes

☐ Macaroni and Cheese

☐ Colorado Baked Beans

☐ Mixed Green Salad (add $0.99)

☐ Caesar Salad (add $0.99)

☐ Roasted Root Vegetables (add $0.99)

☐ Black Bean Salad (add $0.99)

Choice of:

☐ Buns or ☐ Homemade Sliced Bread

Includes Tea & Lemonade

☐ Add Assorted Dessert Bars for $1.49


*All per person Prices do not include applicable State & Local tax and 10% gratuity*

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